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    I’ve searched for this calculation, which I’ve seen before, but I can’t find the info. Might be hidden somewhere in the archive files, but I can’t get the search to work properly on these files.

    Anyway, I’m looking to wall off a small corner area of my shop for a spray booth/area. I’m looking at building a short 4 foot wall into a corner, with an overall dimension of 3′ X 4′ X 10′ height. No door, so the open end would then would be 3′ by 10′. I can mount the exhaust fan at any height and it will vent directly outside, so no duct work involved. I seem to recall a figure of 50 cfm per square foot opening, or 1500cfm(30*50). Is this correct?

    I know it’s small, but I won’t be using it a lot, and I would hang any pieces on a rotating hook for access. I have a smaller portable booth I use for most things. Thanks

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