Ceramic Engine Paint (Universal Alum) – More finished product pictures please!

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    I’m really interested in painting my cast aluminum motorcycle engine with Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint – Universal Aluminum – or some other similar product by another manufacturer.

    I want to match the factory cast color as close as reasonable. Besides chemical and heat resistance, this is of high importance to me. In fact, I will skip the paint if I am cannot find a close enough match.

    So, here is my disappointment. The entire internet seems to have only one picture of this product applied. It is the same valve cover that is shown on Eastwood’s product page. It is a fine picture, but seriously, only one picture is a reliable hit when you search Google images. Eastwood ought to have a gallery of pics for each of the products/colors accessible from the sales page. The current situation strike as me as lame.

    Maybe the forum should have a gallery arranged by product category for users to post their finished projects to?

    I understand that with digital pictures and different monitors color display is hard to gauge. For this reason alone, it would be a lot easier with a variety of pictures to judge from.

    In addition, Eastwood does not have color swatches available. I’d be happy to pay a few dollars for that!

    It looks as if I am stuck spending upwards of $35 + shipping to find out if I really like the color.

    I would like to request that an eastwood rep email me a half dozen or more pics of this specific product to me – that or post them here for all to see. Maybe some users could post or forward some pictures for me.

    Thanks and I apologize for the rant.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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