Can I spray Acrylic Primer Surface to undercoating in the inner fenders?

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    Hello, Everyone

    one week ago I was spraying undercoating on the inner fenders of my car so now is dry and I would like to paint same color as my car Brighton Gold metallic.

    I’m new doing this and I don’t have too much experience but I’m quick learner.

    I would like to apply Gray Acrylic Primer surface to the whole black are and paint it same color as my car Gold is that possible?

    Can you please give me an advise how to do the right job?


    I’ve attach some pictures about my project so you can see with more details

    Undercoating the inner fenders 1

    Undercoating the inner fenders 2

    This is the paint that I’m going to use to paint the inner fenders

    This is my car Brighton Gold metallic color paint

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