Can I layer panels?

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    Ok, I know this isn’t a normal auto body question, but before I spend anymore time on this I thought I would get some opinions and or ideas. I am rebuilding a clark forklift. In the past someone had the great idea of cutting out a large section in the middle for, only a guess, to increase airflow over the engine. I am now working on welding in a panel to patch this. My problem is the forklift hoods are made from 5/16 material. My plan was to layer several thinner panels together to build up the thickness. Does anyone forsee any potential problems in the future with this idea? Last thing I want to do is all this work only for the repair to fail in the near future. Clearly the easiest solution would be to just get matching material, but then there will be a new set of problems contouring the thick material to fit the shape. Thanks in advance for any thoughts

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