Can I lab Metal this before Powder Coating?

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    Ok so I did a set of 42″wide ape hanger handle bars for a guy the other day, so now he has brought me the tins.. here’s some pictures.. I don’t have the fenders yet, but the tanks.. well they’re going to require a good bit of work in my’s the 1st picture:

    Question IS, after grinding down as much as i can, can I use the Lab Metal to get as smooth as possible transition from the regualar tank to the extended tank section???

    Here’s another picture not as close showing realistically how the tank looks(both look the same)

    If I can’t use Lab Metal, WHAT can i use? .. you know, guess this is how it works, just plan on doing stuff for yourself, MAYBE for a friend or 2 and then get to this point so quick, I don’t want to turn the job away, unless the labor won’t be worth the Money, right now I haven’t quoted it, he know’s that there’s a good bit of finish work to be done to the metal just to get it to powder stage.. to me as taunting as this looks, I’m looking forward to the challenge 😀

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