can different brands of primer and basecoat be applied on same project???

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    okay i know it’s a very ametuer question, but i am a beginner at this. Okay so does it matter what type of basecoat is applied over a primer? Ive done lots of research, and it seems like the 2k ISO free primer is what i want to use, if i ordered the primer from one brand, could i basecoat/clearcoat with a different brand?
    i definatly don’t want to use the single stage paint, so im firm on the bc/cc, and since i am currently using most of my products from Eastwood to set up my shop, so i’d like to order all my primers/reducers/activators from eastwood. So if i used a primer from Eastwood, could i apply a basecoat from another manufacturer?
    One more thing that still has me confused, does every project have to have sealer applied? I’ve read several forums on different sites, and some say using a sealer is always recommended, others say it just depends… hmm… depends on what..?
    I think i remember seeing on the Eastwood catalog that they offer the Epoxy primer. If sealer is recommended, it seems like this would be the way to go, since it’s primer/sealer, right? plz help, thanks

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