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Posted: April 7, 2012 By: ThirdManCameras

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    [ATTACH]3942[/ATTACH]Hello friends. My name is Henry and I am very interested in powder coating. I have vintage camera parts that I have been painting with urethane paints. I used urethane paints because I need the paint coating to be very chip and scratch resistant (as much as possible) …. The parts I paint are only 5 inches long. They used to have a layer of chrome that has been removed using “reverse plating” … so all thats left is bare brass ….. and also the brass parts has engravings on them (serial number and model #) …. I am interested in powder coating as an alternative to spraying urethane paints. I have a couple of questions in regards to this:

    Will powder coating brass be a more durable application than urethane?
    Will the powder coating fill in the engravings … (the engravings are fairly small)
    Can I bake brass at such a high temp safely without it warping?

    Thanks in advance.


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