Buying a car 2.5 hours away…?

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    ok, so I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I wrecked my car a couple of weeks aog and am now looking for another one. Any cars locally are crap, and I’m specifically looking to buy another Cougar or thunderbird.

    Well after 2 seperate trips to go see cars 1.5 hours away and finding that they are TOTAL crap, I want to avod making that kind of trip again.

    Someone has a car in Niagara Falls, apparently it’s in immaculate condition, but I have just returned my rental car and now have no way to get there short of a bus.

    Anyway, I’ve made the guy offer, and am willing to buy the car without seeing it (gotta get some pics first) but my big problem is … how do I buy a car 2.5 hours away from me, and what needs to be done so I can simply give him money, go up there, and drive the car home.

    Ideally I would like to make only one trip to NF, and that would be the trip to get the car.

    Now I’m kind of new to buying cars in general, but this whole buying a car so far away has got me a little confused and i’m not really sure what would need to be done to get it home certified, saftied and ready to get me back home.

    anyone ever bought a car far away before?

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