Business with Class!! & HAPPY HOLIDAYS..uhum Politicaly correct..LOL

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    I just finished reading/enjoying the “2005 Year in Review” by Peter K.

    What a great Company. I have been in the Purchasing field for around 10 years now. I deal with Suppliers World wide. I can tell you it is rare for a company to put the “Care” back in Customer service.

    I started my PC business back in the Spring of this year……Scared as **ll and full of questions, which I am sure most of you can relate too. But once I found the Eastwood Forum…..things started coming together. The first member I drove crazy with questions was Bob from CapeCodPowder…I really appreciate all the Help he Provided, I thank him dearly! I also want to thank Peter K. and Amanda for inviting me to be in the First and only..I think, Business Plan Conference Call. Received some great advice.

    Eastwood, If you need an answer about PC someone has it, whether it be EW or one of the other Forum members. I even received advice I didn’t know I was looking for. Well enough rambling………

    I Wish all of you the Best this Holiday Season! Enjoy your families and of course the Great world of Powder Coating!!!

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