Bumps In Powder Coating

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    Okay I’m pulling my hair out. I keep getting a few hard bumps in my piece. I outgased at 450 for an hour. Wiped down with DA. Hit it with a torch and coated. Preheated oven to 280 and placed practice piece in oven. When my temp gun showed 280 I set the temp to 400 with piece still in oven. Took about 5 to 10 minutes to get to PMT. Then set timer for 10 minutes (using Blue Anniversary Metallic from Roseys). Thought it might be the flashing so I bought some drip pans from Walmart for .88 cents. Done same procedures and still got a few bumps. Is bumps just part of PC? It does not matter what powder I am using.

    Using Eastwood Dual Voltage gun with dedicated 8′ ground rod tied to rack. It does not matter if I am 4″ to 12″ away from part. Still keep getting bumps in coating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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