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    hello everyone,
    Just finished my very first body repair, it is a small piece, but it was my first try, so don’t laugh ;). I repainted the fuel filler cap, i started by stripping down the paint, till i got to bare metal. It turned out it is plastic, not metal. Anyways, i smoothed the surface down from 80 grit to 400 grit sand paper. From there, i added body filler, waited to be dry, and sanded that down from 80 grit to 400 grit again. Sprayed 3 coats of primer, got a nice smooth finish, that is when i knew i did a good job. three coats of black pearl and it looks like new.

    Now, looking at the front bumper, i have a crack really due to hitting something on the road (debris). Would body filler just fill that up and repeat the proccess like i did for trhe cap? i don’t have a piece missing, just a big crack.

    Thanks, and sorry for such an amateur question 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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