Building Aluminum Gas Tanks

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    This is a multipart question: I am getting ready to build one marine gas tank and modify two existing marine gas tanks. I am considering purchasing an EASTWOOD package 200 amp TIG AC/DC and a 60 amp plasma cutter. I will fabricate tanks out of 1/8″ marine grade alum. sheeting. I am hoping that the plasma cutter will cut this alum. better and cleaner than a table saw/carbid blade. A 4×10′ sheet is very difficult to push over a table saw. Once sides, bottom, baffles and top are cut, I plan on using my Miller spool gun to weld alum. angle inside tank to provide extra strength inside for sides and baffles to form it, and on the outside this will provide extra metal, should I burn through. It has been several years since I TIG’ed. I can somewhat build a bias metal jig that is square enough to hold this project level and help making sides at 90 degrees..

    Question 1: There are plenty of positive responses on cutting steel via 60 amp plasma, but what about clean cutting aluminum?

    Question 2: Is there any problem with welding TIG on top of where I had MIG’ed? TIG will float out impurities (I hope).

    Question 3: Notice any problems with my project approach?

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