Build spray booth now or wait, advice please?

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    My current oven is a double wall oven with the devider removed and the two doors combined with side hinges. It’s inside dimensions are roughly 24″X15″X36″. I’ve already got a friend wanting to help me find/buy materials for a bigger oven (3X3X6) and I’m pretty tempted, and will likely do so eventually. Our house is on the market though so it may be several months until after we move into our new place that I’ll want to do that.

    I’m thinking of building a simple spray booth now (36″X36″X48″) using a household box-fan (or two) with a furnace filter(s) and under-cabinet lighing similar to a couple I’ve seen on here. Because powder all over the garage and our dune-buggy gets old _really_ fast 🙂 That would be fine for my oven now, but smaller than my oven of course if I end up building the bigger oven.

    I think I can get it done for around $100-150 (realistic?). I can swing that.

    Should I wait and see if I build the bigger oven? Should I build the smaller booth now, and then a bigger one when and if I build the bigger oven, and just sell the smaller one later as a set with my old oven?

    Any advice from those who have been in this sort of phase would be appreciated!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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