Buffing Stainless Steel Guitar Pickguard

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    I have a guitar with a stainless steel pickguard that needs to have scratches removed. I just purchased Eastwood products 13250 Compound Set and 13969 Autosol Stainless Steel Polish. The pickguard cannot be removed from the guitar as it is epoxied to the wood body and removal would cause serious damage. It appears that I will need to use a Dremel-like tool and buffing wheels with 1/8″ shafts.

    I am having no success getting the Eastwood compounds to transfer to the Dremel buffing wheels, even though the Dremel wiil run from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm.

    Approximately what speed should I run the Dremel with the Eastwood compounds if I can get the compounds to transfer?

    Would it be possible to liquefy the Eastwood compounds for use with the Dremel? Dremel has a compound(#421) which appears to be jeweler’s rouge that is soft enough to transfer to the buffing wheels, but is too fine of a grit to remove all the scratches, even though the scratches aren’t deep enough to be snagged with a fingernail.

    I’ve attached a picture of the pickguard, masked off with low adhesion painter’s tape. It’s overall dimensions are just 6″x 2-1/2″.


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