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    Ok, I’ve bought stock in Eastwood the last couple months and have just about everything polish related there is… except a big buffer. Im using a 1/4 HP flexible shaft (porting tool). I’ve read the tech article, I even bought the video. Im still having trouble making it work. The buffing and final steps Im ok on, but the rough cutting is killing me.

    When I use the greaseless compounds, they seem to leave sanding scratches of proportionate amounts at first, but very quickly seem to quit sanding and start semi-polishing. The effect we of course want is sand one way rough, then 90 degrees off we sand one grit smoother, etc. I understand all that, but the greaseless just seems to quit sanding much too quick. Maybe 2 – 3 inches worth of aluminum max. I’ve tried high speeds, low speeds, with and without tripoli on top of the greaseless, and just am not getting the easy results I expect. Also I cant get out all the pits, which really bewilders me. I’ve even sanded thru them with dry 220 and still after buffing to final, there they are. Albeit somewhat reduced. Im using 4″ spiral sewn buffs with the greaseless and tripoli, and a 4″ loose when I get to the white rouge. Also at the white rouge stage, I get lots of small black clumps. Im assuming its small pits grabbing the rouge. Help!

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