Buffing Aluminum with expander wheel

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    Like many Eastwood customers I am trying to buff aluninum to a mirror like finish. I am buffing motorcycle parts such as primary covers, rocker boxes, and cam covers. These aren’t caste, they are smooth, but not at a luster. I do have a Baldor 3/4 HP with a 3/4 inch shaft – 1800 rpm. Sometimes I have parts with deeper scratches so I bought the expander wheel with grits to include 400, 700, 1200, 2500, 3000, 4000. I used the 1200 and 3000 grit expecting them to be almost as good as tripoli, but I finf the parts seem to have been on a grinder. After using 3000, then going to emery and tripoli I can still see marks from the 3000? Being a novice at the expander wheel I had a hard time believing the grits were the same thing as sandpaper as I would expect 1500 to 4000 to be like wet sanding paint instead of grinding. I am using grease on the expander wheel also. Please educate me.

    In the past I have been somewhat satisfied with emory, tripoli, white, and even jewelers rouge. I even bought your polishing video, but find it seriously lacking for good aluminum explanation….

    What am I missing about using what should be extremely fine grits on an expander wheel? 4000 grit is not like a 800 grit sandpaper??

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