bubbles in paint ( solovent pop ? )

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    Hello all.

    I’m having some issues with bubbles in my single stage urethane paint (50377 ZP)

    I have applied it twice on test pieces and I’m getting, what looks to be, solovent pop. The first time i used it it was applied as per directions over masking paper ( to sample the color ) and also over a test piece. When the paint was applied this way, in a matter of seconds, tiny bubbles appear.

    As I was just testing the color, at this point, it did not concern me and I continued to paint. I mixed the paint with clear to get a translucent effect and sprayed it. When it was applied this way there were almost no bubbles at all.

    I tested it again today and I am getting the same results. When I shoot the paint it bubbles no matter what surface I apply it to. I then used the same cup, stir stick to mix up some clear. I did not clean the gun and shot the same surfaces, as with the ss urethane, and it went on fine.

    The ss urethane is new, opened 4 days ago, and all the same cleaners, cups, sticks ect were used with that as with my clear ,that is about 3 years old, and I’ve never had any issue with.

    I have some rotten lime that I’m going to try to see what happens… it sure seems as tho the red has something wrong with it.

    I’ve only painted a few times before…

    Any ideas ?

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