Bronze Carb Renew color change; not good!

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    I’ve depended on Bronze Carb Renew for years in my restoration business, and the recent formulation change has caused me quite a bit of grief. I am very disappointed mainly due to the color change, and customer reaction hasn’t been favorable. I’m trying to find out why, and wonder if the last set of cans I got were a ‘bad batch’, or if this is what it is, now. The last batch I ordered was October of 05, and I just ordered a new batch yesterday. My order taker wasn’t able to answer any questions I had, and directed me to this forum. I also wish that there was an option of getting some of the older product due to my need to match the color of work I did on a ’68 Corvette 427/435 tri-power, and the need to replace one float bowl on one of the three carbs I restored, so that the color match is perfect. Otherwise, I will have to redo all three carbs in the new (yuk) color, or send them all out for professional replating, at my expense. I’m in a tough spot here, and hope someone can help me, please!

    Paul Eksten

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