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Posted: July 26, 2012 By: mygtima

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    I did try to search but I didn’t spend hours trolling around so this may have been answered if so I am sorry and feel free to tell me to search harder.

    I have been using eastwood powders with my El-cheapo Craftsman powder coating gun and have been VERY happy with the results till now.

    Prior to this powder I have used the following

    But with this powder I have found that it chipps VERY easily using the same methods as last time.

    Brush the metal with a wire brush to clean it and scuff it.

    Brake clean it.

    Pre bake for an hour at 350 to prevent out gassing.

    Cool for 20 minutes

    Bake for another hour at 350 then let cool.

    I did just notice that this one says 400 so that might have something to do with the coat being so brittle but I was looking for advice on a couple questions.

    1) While coating the manifold there were spots that would not take coat no matter how much we sprayed at it. It was inbetween pipes on the intake manifold and my guess was that the polarity was repelling the powder. Would I be able to go in with a second coat to try and get these spots covered and how will this effect the look as the first run came out with a very clean smooth look and I am trying to maintain that.

    2) Has anyone else had issues with this powder giving them a very brittle coat as I can litterally take a ball point pen with minimal pressure and cause the coating to chip wildly.

    Any advice or pointers are greatly appricated as I am trying to make this coat work as it would be a costly process to purchase and prep another manifold or remove this coating and restart.

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