Bringing it back from the dead?

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    I have a Toyota Tacoma, BLACK, 1999.
    I simply love this truck and have taken great care of it’s mechanical condition. However, I have neglected the exterior very badly!!!!
    The truck is kept outdoors year round. The paint is not in the worst shape but a far cry from great, light scratches around the doors!
    I have decided to try and bring it back to better than original condition if I can.

    I am getting ready to order a Porter Cable #7336 polisher and kit from a detailer on-line, they say it is the same machine as the #7424 which is recommended for novices and home type guys! I don’t know!
    They recommend a product called “Smooth Cut Ht61” for the surface prep of the paint.
    Klasse sealent glaze.
    “Trade Secret” Carnuba wax for the final, multiple coats will just make it better.
    This wax is expensive, and I have never heard of the brand.

    You guys are the xperts, I’m just an enthusiast trying to do the best I can. Does this sound like a great route to follow?
    Please expound to your hearts content.

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