Booth Fan How Much CFM?

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    Well my little fan is not working well. So its time to step it up. I’m looking to stay under a 100 bucks for a fan and wonder if any of the choices would be a good fit. My booth opening is 32 x 32 and I use a 16 X 25 filter. I don’t want to use a box fan and currently have my booth vented outside with a 4″ pipe.

    Here is what I have found for choices.

    1. A granger fan P/N 4C447 265 CFM for $79.50 Fan P/N 4C447 (sorry I can’t get this to link to the page I wan’t. Just type in the P/N and you’ll get it)

    2. Now I know their tools are questionable but for the price A Harbor Freight 1 hp mini dust collector for 79.99 Flows 914 CFM Bad thing its 107-112dB 🙁 Is this overkill? Instead of using the bag I would just pipe it out side.
    Dust collector

    3. Or a shopvac, but I wanted to stay away from this due to most have motors cooled by the dirty air.

    What do you all think? Have any better ideas?

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