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    First, Thank you for the Video Series I’ve learned a lot!

    My Paint question: I’ve used Eastwood’s gloss black paint for my 1955 F350 Frame I’m thinking about clear coating just to make the paint more durable, do you think that’s necessary?

    My Body Work question, thanks to your Video Series, I’ve decided to scrap the right front fender because it was so damaged but the cab is going to require new patch panels; corner, rocker, and floor pan. The bottom half of the right door jam is also tweaked what is the best way to reshape it. Also, from the impact the right rear of the cab has a noticable ripple in it, I’m hoping when I cut out the floor pan, rocker, and corner I’ll be able to massage the ripple out, what is your suggestion? On the left handside there are mainly shopping cart dings and some larger dents that are unreachable to a hammer, even with the door and fender off of the vehicle, I’m going to weld studs on those areas and attempt to pull them out. Who ever did the work on this before just put filler right over the original paint – real cheese factor.

    Thank you again for the Video Series!

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