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Posted: March 20, 2005 By: Radar

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    I have a question about different body fillers. I was watching a few shows on TV (over haulin, American hotrod, Monster Garage) and I saw what appears to be a different type of body filler. When these guys do the body work on these show cars they put an entire skim coat of filler on the whole car. The filler they are using is a green color. The filler I have always used is more orange. The filler they are using seems to dry fast and seems alot easier to sand than the stuff I use. The bondo I use is not hard to sand but it is not easy either. The only green filler I have used is duraglass and that was a long time ago. From what I recall that was really hard to sand. What is this green filler? Is it a different hardner for the regular bondo? Where can i get it at and how much does it cost? Thanks


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