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    I spent over 6 hours this weekend stripping paint off the backside of the cab of my truck. I then put a thin layer of filler over the entire bare metal area. I sanded it down with a Dual Action sander starting with 60 grit to get down, and then to 120 grit to smooth things out. After having a couple friends check my work I applied some Urethane 2K primer and had a few small dents and imperfections show up in my work. What is the best way to continue this? Sand off the affected areas and fill in the dents/imperfections and re-shoot primer over those areas? Or is there a flaw in the way I am doing the body work in the beginning? Do I need to shoot a etching primer over the bare metal before doing the body filler? Do I need to sand down the entire thing and start over? I guess i am getting too excited to shoot the primer and I am not 100% sure that the surface is perfect or is this normal for the first coats? If someone could take me from bare metal out to having a smooth primered surface that would be awesome. A 50+ year old truck has more flaws that what meets the eyes!! Thanks!!!!!!!

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