Body Filler / RE or RC over pitted rust on Radiator Support

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    I am working on the Radiator Support on my 70 Olds 442 and have a question about using body filler (RAGE, etc.) over a blasted/pitted/stained rusted area (after or before???) treatment with Rust Encapsulator (RE) or Rust Converter (RC).

    I have blasted the Radiator Support using my Master Blaster and have approx. 90-95 % clean metal, however, in the area where the battery sits, I had some heavy rust and it has left the metal with a darker (stained) “dark brownish color” on the metal with some heavy pitting….after I completed the blasting. I would like to use some type of body filler (like RAGE, etc.) over this pitted area to smooth it out, before I top coat it with either RE??, RC?? and black Paint.

    Should I treat the area 1st with RC, then add the body filler, then paint with RE…followed by the black paint top coat?


    Should I just spread the body filler over the “blasted” and stained pitting, then paint with RE…followed by the black paint top coat?

    Not sure what to do. Obviously, this is a job I only want to do one time, so I would like to do it correctly. Can you give me some direction?



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