Body Filler Over Epoxy Primer

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    JOE S

    Kevin I hope you can give me a definative answer on whether you can use body filler over well cured epoxy primer.. My car was stripped down to bare metal and primed with a direct to metal epoxy primer following the manufacturer directions. This was done a few months ago and the primer is well cured..There are some areas on the body that are going to require some body filler.. I have spoken with body men and auto body supply sales people and there seem to be two schools of thought on how to go about this. One school of thought is to do it the way we have always done it..Sand off the primer in the areas that need work with a somewhat coarse disc and apply the filler directly to the bare metal. The other school says to scuff the epoxy primer without sanding through and apply the filler over the primer.. I feel that the second method provides the most protection for the metal and that is the method I would like to use..However having never done it in this way I am not certain whether this can cause problems in the future..I am looking forward to your answer..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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