BMW Rims – Worst ever to strip??

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    On a scale of 1-10 of all the rims I’ve done of any make or model car or cycle – BMW’s are by far the most difficult to remove factory coatings from. Anyone else notice this too? It looks to me to be a three step process, topcoat, color, and then zinc? coating.

    Whatever coating is on these wheels it will not come off with chemical stripper of any kind. Tried $37/gal professional stuff for powder and paint stripping avail commercially (which never failed ’til now), regular paint stripper, carb cleaners and everythig else I can think of.

    Glass bead doesn’t even begin to touch it. It might come off with Aluminum Oxide (which no-one is carrying within 50 miles locally), but doing so is a long and painful process and I don’t have enough of it right now on Memorial weekend to do the job. It’ll take hours at this rate 😡

    Anyone know what this stuff is, and an easier way to get rid of it? Can it be coated over without stripping once the clear and color is removed? It’s not an even undercoat as it comes right off in some areas, and other spots you can’t remove with dynamite.

    BTW, this goes for both BMW cars and Cycles, the coating is identically difficult.

    Thanks in advance,


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