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    Newbie here just coated my first part a week ago and am not sure if i will ever spray anything again. I coated a part this weekend and it ended up with some dust particals in it so I sanded it down, wiped it down with acetone, repowered and started the curing, during the flowout the second coat blistered on all most 100% of the item. I’m using EW Gloss Black powder. I’ve used acetone for bare metal prep on about 50 other pieces with no problems does it affect cured powder?
    Another question is were can I find direction on building my own oven I searched and found lots of mention of doing this but no real directions. I have access to an old ice cooler that is about 4’x6’x5′ but need to understand what it would take to bring it up to curing tempetures.
    Thanks for any help

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