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    I have a ’90 Mustang that I’m working on for the last 2 years… once the weather gets and stays above 60 (car is outside under car port) I will start working on it again… next steps are to sandblast under the car. I have already did the front and used the Extreme chassis stain black on it (or course now I which I got the 2 part version, so I hope it holds up).

    Anyway, when I blasted the front, I used brake cleaner non-chlorinated kind, from wal-mart, since it was cheap enough and then painted…

    Is it ok to use brake cleaner to clean/wash down the metal after sandblasting before painting? Like I said, I’m going to blasting the underside of the car, and then applying 2 coats of the Eastwood black epoxy primer, so of course I will a lot of brake cleaner to clean it ( I don’t want to use any water, since I don’t want flash rusting and chance of water being left behind).

    Also, would using a bed liner over the epoxy be ok to keep it from rusting/protection? the car will never see rain or salt again. I have the Eastwood concours gun so I will use that to spray the epoxy, but for the bedliner, I guess I will need to brush that on, I really didn’t want to have to invest in another gun to spray that, so what kind would I be able to do that with?

    also, like I’m said I’m waiting for the weather to be above 60, so is spraying the epoxy at that temp ok? and at night I’m sure the temp will drop, will that be a problem? I would wait a few days before applying the bedliner, to allow the epoxy to cure.

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