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    So I have had all my stuff up and running for a few weeks. Finishing this weekend with my brother’s 04 mach 1 valve covers,bolts,coil cover,pedals and brackets.

    I am running a speed aire 5hp 90gal that I bought at a shop that was closing. I also got their HF blast cabinet from them for free. I have been blasting at 90-95psi. They gave me 3 nozzles and I am currently using the smallest of the three. Now, on bare alluminum such as the pedals and “bling ” peices , the parts are blasted quickly.

    I am having trouble with the distance required for me to see that its being blasted, and blasting things with paint. Seems I need to be withing 3 inches to noticebly tell I am getting the blasted look and feel, the pattern is small, which made doing the large valve covers a pain. I know alot has to do with the syphon feed, would getting a pressure blaster improve this? or is it the nozzle size? and if i get a pressure blaster, can you hook those up to the current cabinet I have?(through the air hook up I would think)

    when car is together this weekend I’ll post some pictures. Black magic on top of auto charcoal metallic/glassclear is awsome.

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