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    I built my own cabinet and I am having some problems with the gun. I am using Black Diamond media and I first tried 40/80. Well, I was getting nowhere so I switched to 20/40 with no speed improvement and it left the metal very rough.

    The problem is the gun will work OKAY for a couple seconds then barely workl. I went and picked up some clear tubing and the problem is it’s not siphoning the media. The media is fresh and I am running a filter at the compressor and an in-line water separator. I tried running it at 60, 80 and 100 PSI and every time the same results. It took me 15 minutes to do a snowmobile exhaust manifold that I figured would take 2-3. I could sand by hand faster!

    I’m kind of hoping it’s my cheap gun but before I go buy a better quality gun I wanted to post here and get some ideas. I am using a Campbell Hausfeld siphon gun that I picked up at Tractor Supply.

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