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    OK, Last year I bought someone elses 100lbs pressure blaster. Works great once I mastered having dry material and pressure versure flow but the unit came with a cheap deadman valve. So I bought the Eastwood Pressure Blaster Deadman Valve (Eastwood #22007) and this is when I learned how cheap my hose was and decided to replace as well. Winter set in and life got in the way so I put aside until spring. A few weeks ago I purchased new 1/2″ blast hose from Eastwood (Eastwood #22040) and tried to assemble deadman vave to hose.

    How to you fix the hose to the valve to get a seal other than a few set screws in the handle?

    Your site or tools does not give any instructions or part coordination and I’ve spent $240 plus and a little frustrated. Although I’m fairly new, I’m not an idiot but obviously I missing something here? Your help in setting me straight is appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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