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    I have been using Bad Boy Blast cabinet for the past few years and it worked alot better than what i had before and it is a bigger unit. Most of the time i blast with my pressure pot out in a sea can but i use the cabinet for headers so i use aluminum oxide for media. I have had to replace the guns a few times and the last time i just used a cheap local gun that i had. The performance of the cabinet has slowly gotten poorer over time and when this last cheap gun started to go it got super slow to blast anything. I looked at some industrial cabinets at the place where i get my media and was given a price of $6500.00 for a
    36″x48″ cabinet with a reclaim and vacumm system. I was shocked to say the least, i knew they where expensive but that is way to much i thought. I got searching online and found some really nice cabinets that are industrial and made in the USA. I got looking through there site and found that they have gun upgrade kit for these cheaper off shore cabinets. They have them in either the foot operated or hand trigger styles. These guys even have kits with plans to build your own cabinets for you DIY guys. I ordered the gun along with some carbide nozzles and also a hi production head assembly that they claim increase the power of the gun 2 to 3 times and it is just like using a pressure pot. I have not tried the hi production head but man the standard gun is killer! It blast so well, even when running low pressure for doing ceramics, it works very well and i reccomend this gun to anybody looking to cut blasting time. Price is very good to at $69.00 for the cabinet upgrade kit which includes a new 5/8″ pick up tube and pretty much everything you need to rig it all up. The only thing that it should have is a longer suction hose at the one they supply is only 2 feet long. These guys have alot of cool stuff, like turntables for blasting wheels and a bunch of other cool stuff with very good prices. They have a cabinet that i am going to get in the future, inside size is 58″ wide 36″ tall and 34″ deep. Big enough for motorcycle frames. Here is a link to cabinet upgrade kit, works awsome.,18_USA-Cabinet-Gun-Upgrade-Kit.html

    Here is my cabinet.


    Here is the kit.


    Here is the gun.


    Installed a new regulator in the cabinet for more airflow.


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