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    Just curious what type of media you guys are using? My worker I have blasts almost all day and seems to be going through our media every week or two. I have to order 50lbs of glass beads every 2 weeks it seems. We currently use glass beads and wondered what is the next step up in heavier grit? I have tried aluminum oxide before and love it but when i use it the glass in the blast cabinet fogs up within a few days. I am assuming its too aggressive for the glass. I even tried the covers for the glass and they fog up in about a day. I guess glass beads isn’t all that aggressive since I can use it for weeks w/o the glass fogging up. It seems to work ok for prep but wondered if there is something else out there that would be better/strip quicker? I mostly do car/bike parts- valve covers, wheels, intake manifolds, piping etc. What do you guys use in your cabinets?

    Here is the blast cabinet we have (link below) if anyone has any ideas as to keep the glass from fogging up so quickly while using aluminum oxide. My guess is the glass is too much on an angle and the media bounces up and fogs it to death.

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