Blast & Coat at home?

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    Hi – I’m a hobbyist with a tiny shop in my garage, embarking on the restoration of a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda convertible. I will farm out the big body and engine work, but I would like to be able to strip and refinish many of the smaller metal pieces (tie rods, control arms, seat mounting rails, maybe even the K-frame…) while this is taking place across town.

    I’ve investigated small soda-blasters (since they are so non-toxic) but I’m not sure if they can remove rust, or only strip dirt and finishes….

    I like the idea of a small sand-blasting system/cabinet, but I’m unclear on how “dangerous” or “toxic” the media is, exactly what components are required for a complete system, and how big of a mess it makes in a small shop!

    In short, are there so many dust collectors, water evaporators, and air-supply hoods involved that it becomes impractical for the hobbyist to own a small setup?

    I have seen great results from your vibratory/tumbler cleaners, (and I’ll probably get one for cleaning up screws, small brackets, and such) but I would love it if you could tell me if a blast cabinet is too ambitious, and what a complete setup would consist of and what it would cost?

    It will only see light use by a single hobbyist (me), but I DO plan to do three or more cars over the next few years….

    I’d love to be able to HotCoat at home too, making it possible to go from grungy and rusty to powdercoated right in the garage! Am I dreaming?

    Thanks! – CharlieC

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