Blast Cabinet problems

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    Nuub guy here! I am getting in to the pcing addiction. I am having problems getting water in my air lines in my blast cabinet. I am currently running about 80 to 90 psi in my cabinet. i am useing glass bead, (80 grit). Compressor is a 60 gal. 31/2 hp. After blasting about a half hour it starts spitting water out of the gun. I have a 2 ft hose from the compressor, then a water filter/ oiler. Oiler is turned off. I then have about 50 ft of hose to the cabinet. I also added a mini water filter to the cabinet, But still have problems. Seems about after the third time the compressor comes back on its getting pretty hot, createing the water in the lines. The compressor is not blocked in any way, Plenty of air around it. I am at a loss as what to do next. I looked at dryers, WOW!!!! Not now at least. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.:cool:

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