Blast Cabinet Media Questions

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    First I’m restoring a 68 Mustang so everything that I do is for the end product, an everyday Mustang driver. I’m in Florida so remember the hot and humid weather. I’m working on the front end, steering and suspension system right now. I’ve taken parts off and ran them through the blast cabinet using 70 grit aluminum oxide. I’ve tried using 12 grit crushed walnut shells, but it seems to clog up within a few seconds. The walnut shells have sat in the garage for a few months so I think that the humidity has attacked this media and prevents it from working at most any air pressure.

    Questions, if the walnut shells did get wet or has been in the humidity for a period of time is there anything I can do to dry them? I don’t really like the idea of drying them in the oven so I think the best is just to toss them, correct? Using the aluminum oxide, does this media leave a residue on the car part thus requiring sanding or wire brush before it can be primed? Is there a better or cheaper media that I could use to clean these parts? I’ve got painting questions, but I’ll post these questions in the primer/painting thread.

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