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    ok i have searched “black chome” on here and have found solar rain is not what i want to use (pupleish color)and that black chrome II is the look i am going for(more of a transparent or candie black). Also looks like i need to clear over the top for best look. any other tips when doing this. looks like the clears have caused some issues as well. i have spent hours on here reading post after post but dont seem to be much out there on this. the biggest question is i am using aluminum parts so i am polishing them. how polished do the parts have to be before i am wasting my time. i have them all sanded to 1000. i just dont want to waste another 8 hours polishing them all to find out they would look the samelol
    so for the fun stuff…
    i have a sinister looking black corvette. i use it to promote my buisiness (excessive performance Products)at car shows ectand was going to just clear my intercooler pipes ect after polishing so i dont have to repolish every year. then i did some parts in matte black and they look so cool i want ot use it on mine. so i decided to go with black chrome II on all the polished aluminum to tone it done a little as well as the matte black on diffrent engine covers ect and be in the theme of…BLACK…

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