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    OK, here is something we can all rack our brains on.
    I have a shop that is 20×29. On the 29′ side at the front corner I have two doors one on each wall. The door on the side is a normal one car garage overhang door. It opens to a sand area, nothing there. The other much larger is the main door and opens to a slab.

    Please help me come up with the best way to build an oven out side of the small door in an area that would be 8’x9’ over sand off the side of my shop. This area does not exsist yet. No walls, floor, roof, just sand and the door.

    Going to be fun to see just what everyone comes up with. Hopefully this will also help others with oven area ideas.

    The shop is made of concrete block on a cement slab. Roof line is normal running length of building.

    Want to make it as cheap as possible, of-course but in the best way.

    Looking for the best ideas as far as lay out, building materials, and oven equipment.

    The small door opening has a standard one car garage door on it now. About 7’ square.

    The 8’x9’ area will be nothing but oven. Spray area is still being decided and need ideas on that also.
    After I have given some time for response I will boil it down and post it for others to check out and come up with the final lay out, etc.

    I will then build it according to what we all come up with and post a LOT of prgressive pictures. Again, hopefully if this works we can all benefit from it.

    Thanks guys………..we will need a lot of input for this to work.

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