Between coat prep & masking tape prep

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    Between coats prep and masking tape prep
    Ok-applied 2k epoxy spray can over fresh bead blasted metal part.
    Now ready to apply slick sand primer filler

    1. Question -do I wipe down the epoxy during the window period prior to the next stage of slick sand? And if so what do I use to wipe down with, or what different kinds would be acceptable, acetone? Lacquer thinner? Degreaser? Tack rag?

    2. Question-exposed side (good side) and back of panel 2k epoxy primed. I want to apply slick sand to “good side” only. So I want to mask the back side off. The back side will be painted with satin finish chassis coat.

    After you mask the edges and remove the masking tape what do you clean the metal with to remove the masking tape glue from the surface?

    Thanks in advance.

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