Best way to treat suface rust of roof prior to primer

Posted: June 2, 2012 By: T1ranger32

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    Hello Kevin,
    I am currently planning on re-painting my 91 ford ranger. I previously sprayed portions of the cab with a ppg epoxy primer, but am in the process of replacing it, I would like to use the eastwood products as they are a great price and seem to be an amazing product. My question is how to best treat surface rust on the roof. I was planning on sanding it all the way down to bare metal to try and rid as much of it as possible. Also what would you suggest as the type of primer to use. I live in California so I know there are some restrictions on what I can use. Im planning on using the urethane base coat that eastwood offers as well as my finish paint.
    here is a picture of what I am dealing with so you can see.

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