Best Rust Prevention Steps?

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    New to Eastwood threads, and having trouble figuring out how to post a new question. I hope that I am not stepping on anyone’s thread, just need some professional advise.


    I’m restoring a 1962 MGA. The attached picture shows where I have welded on new pieces, or sandblasted the original pieces that could be saved. All along I have been spraying Eastwoods rust encapsulator inside and out. I want to take any and all steps necessary to prevent any future rust from showing its ugly face. My questions are:
    1) What is the best next step? Do I spray an epoxy primer over it?
    2) Will the rust encapsulator cause any problems with final paint job?
    3) I plan to soda blast the entire body. Would I be wise to spray all metal after blasting with rust encapsulator, and then epoxy primer? It would be an added expense, but again I am looking to remove rust from the equation as much as possible. Or am I better to just epoxy primer after blasting?
    4) Most of what you see in the picture, that is black, will be covered by body panels. I am thinking of line xing these areas for the best possible protection. However, I am open to ideas if something else may work better.


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