Best of Show at the "BIG SHOW"

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    Rusty frame and all, I was able to capture the Best of Show trophy for Special Interest American Bike at the annual “BIG(Bikes IN Georgia) SHOW” at the local Kawasaki/Yamaha dealer here in town. I was told yesterday that my bike would be outside and not in the 10k sf indoor floor and of course I woke to the sound of pounding rain. I also had reserved a spot in the swap meet area. Due to the rain, attendance was way done from last years show and after being told arrival could begin at 7:30 , I showed at 10:45 and was ushered right inside to the show floor. Set up the canopy outside for the display cabinet and ended up being 1 of 2 vendors there for the swap meet
    (the other selling tires and such)

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