Beginner’s Checklist, Need Some Advice for Future Projects

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    Hello all,

    I’m a 15 year old and I’ve been interested in cars of all types, shapes, & sizes for as long as I can remember. I have always talked about “furnishing” my garage and after seeing a 1966 Ford Mustang sitting in a junkyard on Craigslist, I have applied for a few jobs and am going to get my dreams on the road. My idea is to be able to do all of the work I need to have a custom ride without having to leave my garage to get the work done. I figured I would start with painting because it can be used in a widespread field and has always interested me.

    I’m not looking to get some p.o.s. brush that is going to break, I would like these tools to be quality but on a hobbyist level, not necessarily professional. If anyone can recommend a checklist I can go by to understand what kind of costs I am looking at and what brands to use. I have been doing research into spray guns and realized my compressor is only putting out about 3 CFM at 40lbs I believe, it is a ProForce Powermate. What kind of sander, compressor, gun (I would prefer a starter-type kit with cleaning and such), brand of paints, etc. that I will need for my future projects as well as environmental advice.


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