Beginner needs help with rust repair on quarter panel

Posted: November 3, 2005 By: 87SS

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    I recently purchased a car that I am going to build into a race car. But first I would like to clean up the body as there are many dents, scratches and a couple of bad rust areas.

    I think I have figured out the dents and scratches, and now am onto the rust areas. Here are a couple of photos of the one area I need to repair.

    Since new quarters (even though they are tough to find) are priced around $1000 for this car (1987 Monte Carlo SS), I plan on buying a couple of rust free quarters off a used car.

    This is where I need help. I figured I would need to first figure out how far the rust has spread behind the paint in this area. Once that is determined, I would need to mark an area just a bit larger than this onto the replacement quarter from a used car. Then, use this as a template and mark on my current quarter the area that needs to be cut out. Then weld the new quarter to the old and repair with filler and paint.

    I realize I made it sound much easier than it will be, especially since I have never done it. I do have a MIG welder and will practice a great deal before hand to eliminate warpage.

    What would be the best way to cut out the old panel fairly straight? A typical cut off wheel? I do not have access to a plasma cutter.

    Any help/advice etc would be greatly appreciated.

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