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    Yesterday, I decided I wanted to get into doing pinstriping because I’m into the oldschool looking stuff, and I like ratrods and such.

    So, today, I stopped by the closest auto painting supply shop, and bought a #00 Mack sword tip(?) brush, and ordered some white paint to do the hood and tailgait on my truck. I dont plan on doing it right away, but I thought I’d order the paint while I have the money. I’m also going to get some Navy blue to match the seat color.

    But, my question is, what are the main things I need right off the start? I know there are a few chemicals like preservatives and thinners, but do I really need all those for minor work? And what kind of brush should I use for basic designs, like this one for example:


    But without the fatter lines. Just the same thin lines for the whole design.

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