Before I buy…is this compressor ok?

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    Ok I’ve read the sticky on the bare minimum, and read the HotCoat’s beginner powdercoating book that came with my HotCoat gun. Anyways I know common rule is to buy the biggest air compressor you can buy, but I’m not even sure if I’ll be successful in this little side business I want to pursue and being a college student $$$ is really tight.

    I saw this little 0.51cfm@40 psi oil less air compressor on sale for Father’s Day at Lowes (|1&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Gifts%2BUnder%2B$99_4294810371_4294937087_?rpp=15$No=15$Ns=p_product_price|1). Will this suffice for just powdercoating? As in I won’t have problems with it “surging” or anything for it being so small even though the powdercoating gun only takes about .08cfm I read. Thanks

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