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    Hello. The reason I am posting here is I am trying to reach out to car owners who have completed (or about to complete) a restoration and who have some before and after pictures of the job.

    I need a really good example of a before & after project.

    You see, my company makes custom hologram style photos using any two photos. These pictures magically change from one image to another when you look at them from the left or from the right, much like a hologram and they are suitable for framing.

    You can see a hologram style auto restoration before and after picture sample on our website

    If anyone here has a really good photo representation of their project, and would like to send me 2 pictures that represent the beginning and the end of the project, I will be willing to make you an 8″ x 10″ hologram at no charge (FREE!) if you allow me to use your photos as an example/demonstration both online and in our retail store. (yes we have a brick and mortar location as well)

    If several people submit pictures, I will pick the one that I feel will fit our needs the best.

    You can send me a message through this website or email me at

    I will follow up this post with which pictures (if I get a response from this) I chose to make in a hologram style photo at no charge. If you would like to reply post your pictures to this thread, that would be fine as well (as long as the forum op does not mind).

    Here is an example of what I am talking about. The movement you see is just for demonstration purposes, the pictures do not move by themselves. I hope to hear from someone. Thank you, Chris Skeeles.


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