Bedlining An Entire Car

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    I have heard very good things about SEM products and this looks like something I can do at home.

    I have a chance to buy a early 80’s Jetta coupe. Its been painted recently. Very poor job. However, It has no interior or motor, so, its perfect for a respray of some kind. I’m thinking I can spray the doors, hood and trunk separately. Maybe even the fenders, rad support and other major structure pieces. Then do the body, interior and engine bay in one shot. Perhaps even make a rotisserie to get the undercoating.

    Worst case scenario, it may take 3 or 4 kits and a $60 gun and just a lot of elbow grease.

    Anyone see why this would not work? Is there a better and/or cheaper product? Anything I need to be aware of in the way of prep work, curing temps, etc?


    – Kind of a ratrod look
    – I like DIY but would probably not try to tackle a paint job myself
    – Cheap compared to a $3000 paint job
    – Prep and body work would be MUCH easier
    – Something not seen in the VW community.. I sound like my dad, but, “it would be different”.

    And for anyone interested, this would probably be black or a very dark grey. Chrome Porsche door handles, Factory nickle plated basket style roof rack, Polished Porsche 928 wheels, two plaid front seats and either a turbo diesel or a 2.0 from a 90’s Golf/Jetta.

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