Bedliner applied to encapsulator?

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    Fixing up a driver, and trying to ensure vehicle stays rust free. I took a wire brush and scrapper and removed back to primer on bottom of vehicle, any areas that had rust I either patched paneled or treated with your rust converter twice, Now I have applied 1 coat of your encapsulator by brush to bottom side of floor pan, wheel wells, ETC…

    Now I want to use a Rhino type roll on bed liner to bottom of car where I have encapsulated to ensure that I have a tough protective sheild/barrier from rocks etc..

    Do you think this will be OK as far as products connecting. I didn’t see where you sold this type of product, did I miss it? or do you suggest a better way or product. I also plan on doing the entire interior floor and panels, this is a old sports car roadster that will not see a top often. so I don’t want to freak out if I get caught in the rain

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